Overview: main issues
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Our organisation

An initiative to support disadvantaged children in Uganda

In Uganda, thousands of children live without support, without the possibility of attending school –without a chance to break the cycle of poverty, lack of education and desperation. Many of them have lost their parents to AIDS, others have had to leave their homes, as there is not enough food for everyone. Many of them end up on the streets and have to beg.

Stefan Pleger, a long time board member of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Austria, met a young Ugandan man in Kampala, who was devotedly caring for a few orphans. In January 2008 he visited the young man's aid project in Zigoti. Impressed by his engagement and convinced of the importance of supporting this grass roots effort, Stefan, his partner Gabi Ziller, and several friends, founded the Austrian charitable organisation “A Chance for Children” in April 2008. In Uganda, a NGO was founded soon afterwards with Ceasar Lukango as chairman. He has held this post ever since. 

The organisation's goals are clear: “A Chance for Children” helps vulnerable children in Uganda, as well as families who take care of orphans. These children should should attend school to get an education, so they can lead an independent life when they are adult. The children should be supported in a sustainable and long­lasting way. This means enabling them to help themselves, which is primarily achieved through education. However, children cannot learn if they are hungry for lack of food; if they have not slept because they have no place to lay their head; if they are sick because the drinking water is contaminated; if they suffer from malaria because they can’t afford mosquito nets.

Thanks to the support of two advertising agencies, we were able to quickly set up a website and create some print media to help promote our cause in Austria.

We thank our partners whose support has enabled us to accomplish so much.