How you can become a sponsor
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Becoming a sponsor


How can I help?

We offer personal and anonymous child sponsorships. Our work is all voluntary and we try to keep administrative costs at a minimum for the benefit of the sponsored children. Sponsorship donations are therefore uniformly set at 10 Euros per month. This is an average amount, with which we can use to help all our children. Education for a child in Uganda sometimes costs less, and sometimes more.
Personal Sponsorship:

  • Concrete help for a specific child
  • Sponsor and child learn about one another
  • Option for correspondence at least once a year
  • Sponsor receives the child's yearly report card, and the child's picture is published on our website

Anonymous Sponsorship:

  • Donations are restricted to the sponsored child's education
  • Option for the association to support children in more expensive schools or to fund professional training
  • No contact between sponsor and child


Becoming a sponsor...

If you are interested in a personal sponsorship, we look forward to hearing from you by email (!
Donations by standing order or direct debit from your bank account,  help us most, as they enable us to plan long-term.

Sponsoring a child should be a mid to long-term commitment, but can be cancelled at any time. We would ask you though, to let us know in advance, so we can assign a new sponsor to the child. 

Information for sponsors: