Letter exchance with your godchild
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Guidance for sponsors

Letter exchange

At least twice a year, one of our team flies to Uganda with sponsor letters in their luggage. Many children do not have a postal address and their are hardly any post offices in the countryside, so the children receive letters personally from one of our employees.

Your letter should be no bigger than A5. If you like - though this is definitely not necessary - you may enclose a small present (rubber, pen, toothbrush), but no money. We want to avoid jealousy.

The letter should be written in simple English; keep it short. Older children will read letters to younger ones. If you write about your work, note that the children do not know every profession, so explain: for example, for IT expert, write that you "work with computers". Wealth should not be mentioned.

The children love pictures. We suggest a simple portrait photo of you, perhaps with your family. Some of them have a mistaken image of "white people", which we do not want to reinforce, so avoid a photo taken at the beach or with a big car or house in the background.

Please do not write your postcode on the letter or ask the children for theirs. We want to avoid the letter ending up in the wrong hands, or your receiving begging letters.