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The main principle of our organisation is that those of us in Austria act on a completely voluntary basis, so that 100% of our funds can be used in Uganda

We keep in touch with supporters through Facebook or via email newsletter. Occasionally we have to pay postage when acknowledging donations. The homepage and ink cartridges are often subsidised by board members.

You could support us with a contribution towards running costs, by making your wishes clear on the bank transfer.


The following are examples of projects with approximate costs. If you wish your donation to be allocated specifically, please add a note to the bank transfer.

  • HIV Programm: special nutrition and regular transport to hospital costs about 15 Euros a month. Mehr Informationen
  • Watertank: a tank situated at a school or boarding school, providing water to wash and cook during the dry season, costs about 800 to 1200 Euros, depending on its size.
  • Petrol allowence: on average our social workers and employees in the porridge programme drive 20,000 km a year, which accounts for yearly petrol costs of 800 Euros.
  • Porridge: daily snacks cost 1 Euro per child each month, or 10 Euros per school year. A Chance for Children feeds between 100 to 600 pupils in each school. We would be glad for you to finance the necessary cornmeal for a school of your choice. Mehr Informationen
  • School buildings: not only are we expanding our own school buildings, we are also constructing public schools in areas where there have been none before. A building consisting of three classrooms, a staff room and a big patio costs about 10,000 a 12,000 Euros.
  • School furniture: desk for three children costs 18 Euros.
  • Seedlings: in Uganda people cook with wood. We aim to plant as many trees as we cut down for firewood. A seedling costs about 1.5 Euros.

Direct debit

Following you help with a monthly donation: 
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