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(School) - Action - HOPE SEEDING

(School) - Action - HOPE SEEDING

Worrying about whether you have enough to eat every day-. Unimaginable for us - normal everyday life for many families in Uganda.

The association "A Chance for Children" wants to address this problem and at the same time promote a variety of food. The campaign "Sowing Hope" collects donations to buy seeds which are distributed to disadvantaged families and supported schools. Especially this year, this support was vital, as Uganda has been in Corona lockdown for a very long time and there are still many restrictions in place (e.g. restrictions on public transport, school attendance only for graduating classes, night-time curfews). For many families who have lost their jobs and income as a result, seed support is an enormous and meaningful help to fight hunger!

Help with a small contribution to let hope grow for a life without poverty and need!

With 0,50 € ½ kg maize seed can be bought.

With 1€ 1kg of bean seed can be bought (that makes 20kg if the harvest is good!).

With 10€, a family can be provided with various vegetable seeds.

Our local social workers select families worthy of support, take care of the distribution of the seeds and, together with our farmers, assist the families with tips. 100% of the donations go directly to Uganda, all members of the association in Austria work purely on a voluntary basis in their spare time. Photos of the implementation of the "Sowing Hope" campaign and further information on the work of the association will be available on the website.

As part of HOFFNUNG SÄGEN there is also a school campaign. Click on this link to open the contribution and the teachers' letter and download the relevant materials.

Please send donations under the KW "Sowing Hope Campaign" to:

IBAN: AT8736260000540302