Slide A Chance for Children

A Chance for Children

Education is wealth - our organisation supports disadvataged children to be self-sufficent, which can be achieved through education

Slide Sponsored Children Programme

Sponsored Children Programme

With our sponsored children programme in Uganda they have acess to education, a daily meal, an uniform and necessary tools

Slide How you can help

How you can help

We guarantee that 100% of all donations are used in Uganda for our projects. In Austria all members of A CHANCE FOR CHILDREN volunteer.

Slide Tax deductible

Tax deductible

Donations to KINDERN EINE CHANCE are tax deductible. But the tax deductibility of donations was newly regulated by law in Austria as of 1.1.2017.

Slide Annual Report 2020 - English Version from Uganda

Annual Report 2020 - English Version from Uganda

In 2020, our work was of course strongly influenced by Corona. But in Uganda, the work did not stand still at all.

How we support children in Uganda

Our orgnisation believes in the wealth of education. That's why we want to enable education for poor children. Furthermore, the support of disabled children and adolescents with HIV/Aids is a big part of our work.

How you can help

When you become a sponsor you enable one child the access to education. Designated donations can be used on school buildings, joinerys or farms. In Austria everybody volunteers and throughout we can guarantee that 100% of your donation is used for projects in Uganda.