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The elementary school Mutters collects for a chance for children

The elementary school Mutters collects for a chance for children

The students and the team of teachers of the elementary school Mutters dealt very intensively with the country Uganda.
For this purpose our former volunteer Barbara Leopold was also invited to tell about the country and the projects of A Chance for Children in all classes.

The children designed many different posters and painted pictures on the subject of Uganda, which were then exhibited for the parents' day in May. There, students sold different items and  there was a cake buffet, and so 550€ in donations were collected for A Chance for Children. In addition, we were also invited to sell Ugandan handicrafts, such as cooking aprons and bags from our tailoring workshop in Uganda.

We were especially impressed by some dedicated children of the 3rd grade who organized the "Circus Hali Gali" all by themselves before Easter. They performed tricks and prepared a buffet. As an entrance fee, the students collected voluntary donations for Ukraine and Uganda! For A Chcne for Children another 110€ came together!

We would like to thank the director Helmut Fitzner and his dedicated team of teachers, the parents and families of the children and of course especially the students who did such a great job!

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