unser HIV-Programm für Kinder in Uganda soll Leben retten

HIV programme

A Chance for Children cares for about 90 HIV positive children and 20 HIV positive mothers in a special programme. They visit hospital regularly for free AIDS drugs and medical check-ups and are provided with nutritious food (soy flour, oil, sugar, rice, beans and porridge). 
Three times a year A Chance for Children organises a meeting where an AIDS consultant and a nurse answer any questions mothers may have; a special meal and a disco for the children are provided.

Twelve HIV positive children whose families cannot look after them live in a small foster home in Zigoti, cared for by an HIV positive woman. Unfortunately, HIV positive children face bullying at school and being stigmatised in society. Our social workers and Headteachers try to educate pupils about inclusion and raise awareness.

1,4 mio.
People suffering from AIDS
deaths caused by AIDS every year